Beasts In The Dark Duet

Order His To Keep:
Order At His Mercy:

“I didn’t know she would change everything. I didn’t know she would destroy me…”

She’s the niece of my enemy.

Bound and helpless, she begged for death.

But I wasn’t going to give her a light sentence. Not before I fed the beast inside of me that craved her and refused to let her go.

A ruthless man like me should have no mercy on a woman like her.

But I didn’t know she would change everything.

I didn’t know she would destroy me.

*Suitable for ages 18+*
Note: This is a dark, mafia romance with intense and dark sensual scenes. It is the first in a duet.

The Agreement

“I love him so much, and it tears me up inside because it’s like loving a beast. It will never love you back…”

Lara Collins:

I would do anything for my brother. When I walked into the arrogant billionaire’s office, my main goal was to save my brother from his debt. I hoped the monster would have mercy on me and work something out since neither I nor my brother could afford to pay him back. Little did I know, Ryan Sanders had a different plan: a marriage contract of six months to free my brother from the debt that he owed him. Sex was not part of the plan, and neither were feelings. But the problem happened when I started living my worst nightmare. The one mistake I vowed myself not to make was falling in love with my husband. And I did… 

Devoted To You

“I am dragging her with me on the road to hell. A shadow of guilt darkens my eyes. Pity flows over me as I swallow hard: ‘Yes, we will keep doing this.’ I say firmly…”


I got hooked on her from the first day that I saw her and I thought sex would fix it all. So I brought her into my home, and I fucked her. But what was supposed to be a one-time thing ended up being an everlasting battle because first, she is my assistant, second, I don’t do romance, and third, I wanted more… 
But my world is too dangerous for innocent, beautiful women like her…

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