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Cover reveal: March 18
Release day: April 16
Pre-order link: https://amzn.to/2U8IDAU
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I changed my name and my identity. I swore he’d never find me.
I thought I had planned it well.
Until he showed up in the middle of the day – tall, handsome and powerful.
It took me three years to build myself up from scratch, cut everybody off and build a life that has
nothing to do with my past.
And it took him one day to destroy everything I’d built.
My disappearance caused the people of my town to come up with their own stories about me.
But most importantly, it caused Daniel to wreak havoc.

This is a full length standalone dark romantic suspense.

Order His To Keep: https://amzn.to/2szKT93
Order At His Mercy: https://amzn.to/2KHeeEc

His To Keep blurb

Break me, destroy me, poison me but please, don’t ever leave me…
I never thought I would fall for the one man who made believing in freedom almost impossible. And yet, he ended up being exactly that – my freedom.
But that was before my uncle came after me. Before I was taken away and back at his mercy.
As secrets unfold, my body and soul can no longer take the shattering agony anymore.
There’s no more fighting. No more winning.
Darkness… only the darkness can save me.

*Suitable for ages 18+*
Note: This is a dark, mafia romance with intense and dark sensual scenes. It is the second in a duet. At His Mercy must be read first.


She’s the niece of my biggest enemy. She begged for death as I held her captive in my own house.
I shouldn’t feel bad for her. I shouldn’t crave her the way I do.
But as days go by, I realize that she’s changing me.
For better or for worse? The beast in me isn’t sure. It craves her and the darkness that lives inside of her.
Because that same darkness lives within me.

*Suitable for ages 18+*
Note: This is a dark, mafia romance with intense and dark sensual scenes. It is the first in a duet.

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